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(I work at a specialty chocolate shop located in an upscale mall. Since our town is also popular tourist destination, we mostly get either snooty, condescending customers or tourists who are just looking around. This happened late one night when my coworker and I had just locked the security gate after close. It’s important to note that we face a narrow hallway, so we can’t see anyone until they walk directly in front of our store.)

Me: *counting out the register* Huh. Not a lotta sales today. It was pretty slow, considering it’s Saturday. Sucks I didn’t make my sales goal, but I guess I’m just glad we didn’t have any of the usual difficult cust-

(Literally as the words leave my mouth, we hear loud footsteps running towards us. We both look up, expecting a security guard or valet to run past, since the mall is closed and virtually dead. Basically, we expected anything other than what happened next. A rather large woman THROWS herself at the gate, pounding on the glass and screaming.)

Woman: S***, you can’t be closed! Come on, open up! I want candy! Please give me candy!

Coworker: I’m sorry ma’am, but we just shut down the registers. It’s 9:15, we’ve actually been closed for a quarter of an hour now. Please come back tomorrow, we open at 10!

(The woman then PUNCHED the glass, startling my coworker and causing her to back away. The lady continued to yank at the gate, and tried to bust the lock open by hitting it with her purse, all while yelling “Let me in, I want candy!”. My coworker and I ran into the back room to hide, refusing to come out until she was gone. We both hear her continuing to pound and scream for another minute or two before finally giving up and leaving.)

Coworker: Hey, [my name]?

Me: Yeah?

Coworker: Next time you start to say something stupid like that, I’m going to hit you.

Me: …Good idea.

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