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I am from germany but recently I’ve moved to switzerland. The languages are quite similiar but the swiss people are very picky about this, so I figured I should learn it as fast as I could even though I’ve got problems with the correct pronunciation. There are however a few words I already know, like “ruebli” beeing another word for carrots, for example.

I just started working at a take-away/restaurant.

Me: Gruezi, how can I help you?

Male Customer: Gruezi, I would like to know what’s inside the veggie salad?

Me: It’s made with lettuce, tomatos, ruebli-

Male Customer: I’m sorry, with what?

Me: Lettuce, tomatos, ruebli-

Male Customer: Sorry, I didn’t understand. What was it after the tomatos?

Me: Ruebli.

Male Customer: *leaning closer to me* What?

Me: *starting to get quite uncomfortable* …ruebli… you know… like… carrots?

He then started laughing at me and didn’t stop for a whole five minutes, pointing his finger at me, while I was getting smaller and smaller, totally embarassed. After this he bought his salad and left.

I never tried speaking swiss-german after this again.

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