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(I’ve been working at a series of chain stores in the same company for nearly 2 years now, I moved to the current store 6 months ago. As till staff it’s my job on morning shifts to put out the delivery of bread, so I know exactly what type of bread we stock, own brand and big brand.)

Customer: *placing items on till* I didn’t want this bread, but the bread I like isn’t on the shelve…do you have any in the back?

Me: Which bread are you after I’ll call in the back and get someone to check for you?

Customer: Your brand danish loaf with the flour on top.

Me: *looks confused* Sorry, I’m not sure which one you mean.

Customer: *looking offended* Never mind next time I come in i’ll ask someone who actually knows.

Customers 2: (A friend of customer 1 walks up behind her in the que) Ooo causing trouble again haha!

Customer 1: *ignoring me when i state how much the shopping is* No I explained exactly what I wanted but this idiot doesn’t know what I’m talking about.

Me: *As sweet as can be* I’m sorry ma’am but I’ve worked at this company for over a year and I can tell you that we don’t do an own brand danish loaf, and since you’re reluctant to give me a further explanation of the bread you’re after I can’t help you.

Customer 1: You’ve only been here a few months! You need better training, all staff should know what own brand products they carry!

Me: I’ve worked at 2 other “chain name” shops before moving here, and not once have I come across own brand danish bread. We have extensive training on what brands we carry but our store is currently going through a re-stock meaning that we’re getting new products in everyday, despite this i’m still 100% certain that we do not stock, nor will ever stock own brand danish bread…because it doesn’t exists. So that’s £2.29 then please.

(Customer pays and storms off to find the manager, who also told her we don’t do own-brand danish bread. After pointing out where on the shelf this mystery bread should be and reading the label the customer realizes she was wrong and storms out swearing as she went)