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i work in a call center and manage accts, a customer called in for help
cust: i want a rep on line 4 (im a rep, theres no specific line for other reps)
me: ok im here how can i help you
cust: i want a man rep on line 4
me: im avail to help you sir
cust: are you a man
me: im a rep that can help you
(he finally moves on with what im thinking will be his question, he continues to ramble asking question that arent allowing me to give much assistance other than to ask for clarification and we come full circle)

cust: i want a man that can help me youre not helping me
me: youre not givinge me enough to help you on sir
cust: i want to speak to a man
me: there are no men avail, you have to speak with a woman (entire call center errupted with laughter)
cust: yes there is i know there is i spoke with him earlier
me: he went home sir, only women avail

(silence for a long pause)

me: anything else i can help you with?
cust: yea……(pause)……quit your job
me ok sir have a good night (i ended the call)

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