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I have a lady looking at sewing machines, she’s asked the price of 2.

Me *taking the empty boxes to the counter, I tell her the prices and add “we are sold of machines, we have only the display models left”

Customer “Ok I’ll take that one then” *waving vaguely at the two models on display “I’ll be back after I get some fabric”.

(She walks off, I have to serve another customer, when I finish I notice another woman looking at the machines)

Customer 2 “I want a machine, how much is this one?” *points to the machine I think the first customer had chosen.

Me “Just one moment please, I already have a customer who has asked for a machine, I think it’s that one.  I can’t sell it to you until I check with her first.  I had just got the boxes down to pack one.  I’ll be right back.”

Customer “Okay”

*I race off to find the customer and ask her to come and verify which machine she wants.  The customer comes back, she just happens to be wearing Hijab.

Customer 1 *points to machine “That’s the one”  *I go to pick up machine.

Customer 2 *takes one look at other customer, rushes over and tries pushing in “I WANTED that one!”

Me *staring her down “No, as I already explained, this lady was here first and this the machine she is buying”.

Customer 2 *lowers head “Oh, ok”, slinks off.

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