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I was working a closing shift one night when I got a phone call from an elderly sounding woman.

Me: “(My Job’s name, My department, My name) speaking, how can I help you”, I put extra emphasis on (My department) because customers tend to think its located directly in the store.

Elderly Woman: “Yes, Hi, my brother used (My company’s delivery service name) and while the service was great and quick, I’d tipped your driver $20, and I know that’s a lot, but its the holidays, so spread the wealth. Anyways, so I tipped him and he had the nerve to say is that all? Can you believe the nerve? How dare you employ someone like that, don’t you care about your customers at all?!”

During this tirade I’m attempting to apologize and explain I am not affiliated with that service and neither is my particular store.

Me: I’m very sorry Ma’am, but….

EW: Its just hard to get to and from your store in (town that’s 45 minutes away). That’s why my brother used this service, after all he swore by it, so then I started to use it…

After about 5 minutes of this I finally get a chance to talk.

Me: I’m very sorry about your driver’s bad behavior, but I’m personally not apart of (delivery service), nor is my store, the only suggestion I can give you is, you should either call your local store or (our delivery service) directly.

EW: NO! You are the first live person I got a hold of, so you HAVE to help me.

Me: I’m very sorry, but I have no authority or even contact in that area so I really can’t do much.

EW: That is not good enough, transfer me to (Her town’s store) so someone can actually help me.

Me: I’m sorry, but our phones are not connected, so I can’t transfer your call.

EW, Then give me someone’s number so I can complain, and I’m not looking up anyone’s phone number, that’s your job.

Me: Again, I’m very sorry, but I don’t have either number.

EW: You’re just being lazy (click!)

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