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| Unfiltered | April 29, 2018

My wife was driving to interview three suppliers to install equipment in a new building. One the way to the interview she was cut up by an idiot boy-racer in a sports car. He also wound the car window down and let her have a stream of abuse.

As she’s driving to the interview location she sees the idiot in front of her turn into the same car park as she’s going to. Boy racer, thinks she’s followed him on purpose and let’s fly with more abuse.

My wife then follows him into the new building but says nothing to him. Ten minutes later he has to go into the interview room to see my wife chairing the selection panel.

As you might imagine, they didn’t get the contract and my wife was able to tell the company CEO (who happened to be a personal friend) exactly why.

Schadenfreude was exactly the right word.

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