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(I am working the overnight shift at a hotel. We lock our lobby, so the only physical interaction we have with guests is through a little teller-window. Three boys come up, asking for a duplicate key to their room and change for the snack machines. One is very small, one is mid-age, and one tells me he is eighteen.)

Older kid: Y’know, at other hotels they wouldn’t even give us a key.

Me: *laughs a little* Well as long as you are registered here, you can get a key.

Youngest kid: They didn’t let us at [other hotel]!

Me: Well we’re much more awesome.

(Kids all laugh, then older kid leans against the window)

Older kid: You’re really cute!

Me: *laughs, thinking he’s joking, as I am overweight and wearing an oversized sweater against the chill* Honey I think I’m probably ten years older than you.

(The boy tries to convince me to date him, and after I refuse the boys move off after getting the change. After this, they come back.)

Older Boy: I know it’s really early but do you have any milk?

Me: No, sorry, the breakfast lady keeps it under lock and key.

Middle Aged Boy: Do you know a place where we could get some around here? Within walking distance?

*I give them directions, and after sending the younger boy off at the room, the two older boys get ready to leave.*

Me: Be careful, people are crazy out there!

Older Boy: Like I’m crazy for you?

Me: Uh, no seriously be careful out there, people are homicidal crazy.

Older Boy: Like I’m homicidal crazy for you?

Me: Aaaaand that’s creepy, night! *slams window shut*

(Needless to say, the night only got weirder.)