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(Note: I work at a local store that just opened a month earlier, but we try to keep customers updated on our hours. A customer and his wife come in at 7:59 a minute before we close.)

Customer: *Notices my co-worker putting away some produce for the night* “Oh, are you about to close?”

Me: “Yes, but it’s no problem, take your time.”

*The customer and his wife take about half an hour to finish getting what they need from the deli of our store, all the while I offer facts and am very polite to the both of them. I then re-wash everthing I used after they leave to ring up what they got. Once I am done I come out of the deli to see one of the customers yelling at my co-worker.*

Customer: “I dropped my salad in the parking lot, you need to put on the lids more tightly! I want a new salad.”

Co-worker: “I would be very happy to get that for you sir…”

Customer: *Before leaving* “You are so impolite, this generation is horrible, you’re just a bunch of punks! I’m never coming back again, you just lost a well paying customer!” *slams door on way out*

My co-worker and I: *Stunned silence*

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