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(I work for an Internet provider, where customers can buy a “Special Service” so that we have to look at the case within 24 hours)
One day, 2 minutes before we close the Hotline on a Friday evening, I get a customer on the line, and I can see that he called earlier the same day.

Me: “Hello and welcome to [Internet Provider] Hotline, what can I do for you?”

Customer: “Hello, I would like to report a broken modem, and I want I changed now.”

Me: “Hello there. I can that you call earlier today and made the same request, and my colleague has tested the modem to be just fine, and book and technician for next Friday to you?”

Customer:”NO, that not good enough. I called last week when the same problem occurred and you fixed it, right on the spot. And now I demand you to do the same right now!”

Me: “Sir, As far as I can see, my colleague today did the exact same thing as last time, but since that didn’t work, we need to get a technician to look at it.
Customer:”You cannot fool me. Because I just called one of your coworkers in the customers service and brought the Special Service! So now you have to come and look at it before tomorrow!”
(At this point, he is practically yelling at me)

Me: “Sir please calm down, and stop yelling at me, I hear you just fine. I can’t do what you asked me to do, because that Service need to be brought at least 24 hours before, so it is not possible for me to make a new case on this, you have to wait for next Friday”

Customer:  “You [imagine a lot of Danish swearword] when I say you make a new case you f***** do it! Last week you people made it work right on the spot! Now you only do this to get more money out of me!”

(This continues for close to 10 minutes without him listing to me at all, and just shouting and yelling at me, with all kinds of random threats)

Customer: “I demand to talk to your manager!”

Me: “alright, I will pass the information down to him and he will call you sometimes tomorrow.

I spoke to my manager afterwards and he just laughed because we did everything right and it was all within the term of agreement. We had a wonderful laugh at the Call center afterwards because of it.

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