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| Working | March 5, 2015

Cashier #1: “Okay, your total is $5.06.”

Me: “Here’s a $20, and I think I have a nickel around here somewhere.”

(Canadians have recently gotten rid of the penny, so we round. I hand the cashier a $20 bill and five cents.)

Cashier #1: “Here’s your change!” *hands me back a $10 bill and two toonies ($4)*

Me: “…the total was $20.06, right?”

Cashier #1: “Yup!”

Me: “You gave me $14 change.”

Cashier #1: “Yeah, I don’t have enough change to make the 96 cents.”

Me: “I gave you $20.06, it cost $5.06. You gave me $14. I’m just missing $1.”

Cashier #1: “Okay, one sec.”

(The cashier calls over one of the two other people working the already-slow kitchen.)

Cashier #1: “Could you get me some change?”

(There are a couple $1 coins sitting in clear view. It’s clear he’s not understanding.)

Me: “You know what? It’s okay; I don’t want to hold up the line.”

Cashier #2: “Okay, no worries.”

(Cashier #2 still proceeds to grab some money from the till, go to the back, and make small change for Cashier #1, who is doing nothing as the line grows. Cashier #2 comes back, painstakingly sorts the small change, and then Cashier #1 closes the till without giving me change. I then proceed to see one of the other staff offer my drink to someone else, realize it’s not theirs, and throw it out.)

Me: *sighs* “Clearly, today is not my day.”

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