Editing Out The First Amendment

| Working | March 4, 2015

(I am a graphic artist at a newspaper. A few weeks before my friend’s picture was on the front page because her Wicca group had protested a Christian protest of a local chain video store. It’s a picture of her and two others, one of who is wearing a robe and holding G-rated signs about freedom of speech. Everyone in the office decorates their cubicles with posters, art, and items the paper had published. I print out the picture we ran and put it up on my wall. The next day it is gone. Thinking it must have fallen down and gotten mixed with all the other scrap paper in the art department I print another and the next day it is again missing. I admittedly don’t have the most tolerant coworkers, so I approach the editor.)

Me: “[Editor], someone keeps taking my picture down.”

Editor: “I did that. The picture was offensive.”

Me: “We… ran it on the front page.”

Editor: “It was offending people in the office.”

Me: “Because they are Wiccan?”

Editor: “It… was offending people.”

Me: “I see. So if religious pictures are a no-no I won’t see [Coworker]’s giant portrait of Jesus at her desk?”


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