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You Can’t Topless That

| Working | August 11, 2016

(All of the managers, and a handful of team members, are in early for first aid training. A new coworker, who is very sheltered, has been chosen to fill out the numbers and have the training. We’re on a break before the next session. I should also note that at work, the general manager always comes off as quite serious and stern if you don’t know him that well.)

Me: *seeing the general manager walking around* “Oh, [General Manager]! I didn’t recognise you for a minute. I guess because none of us are in uniform, I thought you were some random person who had somehow gotten in.”

General Manager: “Haha, you probably didn’t recognise me without a shirt on!”

(I had to walk away and laugh while my coworker blushed. The general manager was oblivious to how he sounded.)

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