Wireless, Clueless, Hopeless, Part 5

| United Kingdom | Right | March 12, 2010

Me: “Thank you for calling [service provider]. How may I help you today?”

Customer: “Well, I bought one of these mobile phones, only I don’t find it very ‘mobile’.”

Me: “I’m not really sure I understand the nature of your problem. Are you not receiving a good signal strength?”

Customer: “I’m able to call people. It’s just that I had a corded phone before, and this one is no better. I can’t get any further away from the wall.”

Me: “Do you have the handset attached to the charger cable?

Customer: “Yeah, the booklet said to plug it in before I can use it. This is crazy! I spent all this money and it’s still got 3 feet of cable!”

Me: “Ma’am, once the phone has had the initial charge of around 12 hours, you can detach the cable and take it with you where ever you like.”

Customer: “Oh! Asking my son would have been much less embarrassing. Thanks!”


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  • Matt Ashworth

    This kind of customer ain’t so bad. At least she seemed to admit to her own shortcomings.

  • Dani Marie

    Oh boy. I can see where this story went afterwards.
    When the battery ran down (within a few days), she definitely called back and yelled about how she was told you just need to attach it for 12 hours, and then you can take it wherever you go!
    She wouldn’t realize you need to keep recharging the battery… 🙁