Wheeling But Definitely Not Dealing With Him

| VA, USA | Working | March 8, 2013

(There is a car sale going on at the dealership my sister’s boyfriend works at, and he promises my mom a good deal. My mother insists I come along so she can use my credit. Note: I work the graveyard shift, so I’m very very tired in the day.)

Me: *yawning*

Sister’s Boyfriend: “Have a seat, you two. I’ll be back in a sec.” *leaves*

(We wait a long time, but my sister’s boyfriend never comes back. Finally another salesman, an old man, approaches.)

Salesman: “Do you need any help?”

Mom: “Well, [sister’s boyfriend’s name] was helping us, but we don’t know where he went.”

Salesman: “I can help you.”

Mom: “Well…”

(My mom glances uncertainly at my sister’s boyfriend in the back. He sees her and comes out to speak to the salesman.)

Sister’s Boyfriend: *to the salesman* “Just show her the different types of cars and I’ll be right there.”

(The salesman shows my mom the cars, while I trail, yawning and doing my best not to fall asleep.)

Mom: “Yes we are using her—” *points to me* “—credit.”

Salesman: “What’s wrong with her? Is she retarded in the head?”

(I’ve been drowsy up to this point, but hearing him insult me instantly wakes me up.)

Me: “Excuse me?!”

Salesman: “How old are you, little girl?”

Me: “I’m 37, and I don’t appreciate your stupid assumptions. Mom, let’s go!”

(My mom finally agrees and tells the salesman to cancel everything. He does, very sourly. On the way out, my sister’s boyfriend stops us. My mom explains that she thought that he would give us a deal like he promised, not foist us off to someone else. My sister’s boyfriend turns to glare at the salesman, who’s chain-smoking in the back and glowering at us.)

Me: “I can’t believe he would say that! And [sister’s boyfriend’s name] was an idiot.”

(My sister broke up with her boyfriend soon after that. My mom got her car somewhere else.)

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