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The Seoul Believer Of That Conspiracy Theory

| Working | March 9, 2013

(My friend and fellow language school teacher are walking the streets on the way to movie and pizza.  He’s makes an observation.)

Coworker: “You seem to make all Korean people happy. ”

Me: “…What?”

Coworker: “All the Koreans that look at me kind of scowl, and then they look at you and smile.”

Me: “That might be because you tend to scowl at people, and I tend to smile?”

Coworker: “Okay, but our bosses get you tons of help. Like that vacation for your family reunion; you know you could have gotten a full ten weeks. And they’re practically trying to set up your love life. Why is that?”

Me: “I do lots of extra stuff for them. Plus, I don’t tend to worry about whether the Koreans are plotting against me.”

Coworker: “Huh. Maybe that’s it…”

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