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Well, That Was Em(bra)rrassing

| Romantic | December 28, 2012

(I have been dating my boyfriend for almost a year. Every few weeks, some of my senior friends like to kidnap me, feed me pixie sticks, and take me out to amuse them. This usually ends up with me forgetting everything that happened that night. The next morning he calls me to make sure I am okay.)

Me: “Good morning.”

Boyfriend: “So you survived! How was your night out?”

Me: “It was great! I had pixie sticks and we went to dinner, then I forgot what happened. But I wound up in my own bed this morning so all is well.”

Boyfriend: “That sounds nice, but you’re not allowed to go out without me anymore.”

Me: “Why not?”

Boyfriend: “Would you happen to have all your clothes on this morning?”

Me: “Huh? Why do you-” *suddenly realize I am missing my bra* “Oh, God!”

Boyfriend: “Yeah, because I found your bra stapled to my door when I got up, and I thought you might want it back.”

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