Unless One Of These Hot Tubs Is The Fountain Of Youth…

, , | Working | March 30, 2018

(I work at a pool, and like most pools, we have an age requirement for the hot tubs. Anyone under the age requirement must have an adult with them. Our hot tubs are not near the pool, and are off-deck. As a result, people will ask us where they are and, if they look young, we have to ask their age. On this day, it is a busy public swim, and I am scanning, when a short girl comes up to me.)

Girl: “Hi, are there any hot tubs in this building?”

Me: *still scanning* “Yep, but how old are you?”

Girl: “Twenty-seven?”

(I immediately turn my head to look at her and realize she is actually a lot older than I thought she was.)

Me: “Oh, sorry. Yes, we absolutely do.”

(I proceeded to give her directions, but she still looked at me funny until she left to find the hot tub. It was only later that I realized I was so flustered, I forgot to mention why I was asking for her age in the first place.)

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