Tub Flub

| Right | May 22, 2017

(I worked the drive-thru for a fast food company and whilst I’ve had many a weird customer including having a burger thrown at me this may have been one of the weirdest interactions just because of how simple the order should have been. So far this has been a pretty standard order.)

Customer: “What exactly is an ice cream sundae?”

Me: “It’s ice cream in a tub with either strawberry, toffee, or chocolate sauce on top.”

Customer: “I don’t understand. How much ice cream is in the tub?”

Me: *now a little confused* “We fill it to the top of the tub, madam.”

Customer: “How big is the tub?”

(I now have a queue all the way out to the car park and have been speaking to this customer over the headset for two minutes.)

Me: “They’re pretty small but they only cost [very small amount]. Will that be all?”

Customer: “Yes.”

Me: “Please drive through.”

(I rush around trying my best to take more orders whilst packing orders. I eventually get to the window to take the money from the woman who was asking about the ice cream.)

Me: “Sorry about the wait there; it’s [amount].”

Customer: “You know I am a paying customer. When I ask about the sundae I expect a full answer, madam.”

Me: *still all smiles* “My apologies, madam, but the sundae is just a tub with ice cream and sauce.”

Customer: “This may be funny to you but I am a paying customer.”

(Note she has yet to actually pay and I haven’t done anything to suggest I find this funny.)

Me: “One moment please, madam.”

(I walk through to the front counter where the ice cream is and take a sundae tub back through to the drive through.)

Me: *trying my best not to sound sarcastic* “This is the sundae tub. The ice cream goes in here and it fills up to the top. We then put on a choice of sauce.”

Customer: “Oh, go f*** yourself.”

(The customer drove off without her meal. When my manager asked why she had to void the order I told her the customer was an ice cream maniac.)

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