Trying To Make It Complain And Clear

| Working | February 24, 2015

(I have a new guy assigned to me; it’s all done at short notice. All I know about him is that he has been off on long term (unpaid) sickness. By coming to work for me it is his only chance to re-join the workforce. I take that as a positive, as he is bound to be happy to come to work.)

Me: “So, hi, I’m your team leader. Good to meet you. Glad to be back?”

Worker: “Oh yes! I don’t mind telling you that it has been really tough not earning; I’m ready to get back to work.”

(Positive, I leave him to start getting trained by other members of staff, until I get a phone call from HR just a couple of hours later.)

HR: “So, we have had several complaints from [Worker].”

Me: “O-kay?”

HR: “He is complaining that he no longer gets a premium for working on shifts.”

Me: “Yes, he doesn’t work on shifts.”

HR: “Oh, okay, well he also complains that he isn’t getting a team leader allowance.”

Me: “Yes, he isn’t a team leader. This has been made clear.”

HR: “Oh! I guess that there is no complaint.”

Me: “I will go to speak with him.”

(I explain in detail why he cannot be paid for things that he doesn’t do and think no more of it. I leave him with documents to sign once he has had training, so that he can progress. I get another call from HR.)

HR: “More complaints I’m afraid.”

Me: “…go on then.”

HR: “He is complaining about signing the training documents.”

Me: “Why?”

HR: “He states that he hasn’t been trained!”

Me: “What? I watched it myself… Okay, I will have another word with him.”

(This went on for weeks: complaining about every detail, lying about training, and refusing to complete work. All the while he was complaining about how he never has enough money, and even asked for a pay-rise! After a while he complained to HR again who simply stated that he needed to follow instructions or leave. He left.)

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