It’s A Slippery Oily Slope

| Working | February 25, 2015

(I’m an events specialist, and for this demo I have to go the back area of the deli in a very busy store I don’t usually work in. I notice both how oily the area smells and how quickly the employees forget I’m there and overhear the following:)

Employee #1: “So, about the oil in this fryer – how often should we filter it?”

Employee #2: “Oh, I guess we’re supposed to do it every night, but I just use the basket to kind of it stir it so it doesn’t look too bad. Manager makes us do too many things to worry about it. I maybe do it, like, once a week.”

Employee #1: “Does that work?”

Employee #2: “Yeah, the oil’s so hot it should kill anything bad.”

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