Totally Out Of Order

, | Working | February 4, 2015

Me: “Hi, could I please have a [breakfast sandwich] on a sesame seed bagel, with a cinnamon roll and a [Cola], please?”

Cashier: *rings everything in properly* “That will be [total], please.”

(I pay, and she starts getting my order ready. She comes back after a moment.)

Cashier: “Sorry, we’re all out of [donut I didn’t order]. Would you like something else instead?”

Me: *slightly confused* “Um… no problem. Can I have a cinnamon bun?”

(She gets the cinnamon bun for me and goes to get my drink. Again, she comes back empty handed.)

Cashier: “I’m so sorry to do this again, but we’re out of [drink I didn’t order] as well.”

Me: “Can I get a [Cola], please?”

(She brings my drink back, just as the person making my sandwich steps up.)

Sandwich Person: “Sorry, but we’re out of [bagel I didn’t order]…”

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