Paying Attention Is Rare Currency

| Working | February 3, 2015

(I’ve just landed in New York City to visit my boyfriend. I’m going to be using my boyfriend’s credit card over here as mine has huge international charges. I have a £20 note I took out just before my flight, and no change whatsoever.)

Me: “Hi, I’d like to change this into US dollars.”

Worker: “Okay, I can give you $40 for £25.45.”

Me: “No, I only have this £20.”

Worker: “Okay, how about $35 for £22.27.”

Me: “No. I literally only have this £20.”

Worker: “I’d just need £22.27 for the $35.”

Me: *turning my purse over and shaking it* “I don’t have any change. I literally only have £20.”

Worker: “Oh. OH! You only have £20.”

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