This Test Has Good Vibrations

| Learning | January 22, 2016

(I was sitting in my math class taking a test. Before we have tests we always turn our phones off and put them in our backpacks. On this particular day, I placed my phone inside the desk next to mine out of convenience. I also forgot to turn it off.)

Teacher: “Are everyone’s phones off and put away?”

Me: *I nod “yes”*

Teacher: “Okay, you can start the test.”

(About halfway through the test, my phone starts to vibrate inside the desk loud enough for everyone to hear.)

Teacher: “[My Name], is that a phone?”

Me: *trying to come up with an excuse* “No… it’s my vibrator.”

Teacher: “It sounds like a cell phone vibrating on metal.”

Me: “I know… It’s a very old model… It belonged to my great-grandmother.”

Teacher: “So you inherited an antique vibrator, brought it to school, and decided to use it during your math test?”

Me: “…Yes.”

Teacher: “Can I see it?”

Me: “I’ll turn my phone off.”

(The entire class was laughing the whole time. I learned later that my teacher had told that story to all her other classes that day.)

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