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Some Students Are Hard Work

Learning | January 21, 2016

(I teach music lessons out of my home, where I live with my now-husband.)

Student: *sees my partner leaving the apartment* “Where’s he going?”

Me: “He’s going to work.”

Student: “But it’s a Saturday!”

Me: “Yup. He has to work today.”

Student: “Are YOU going to go to work?”

Me: “…[Student], I’m at work right now. This IS my job!”

Student: “No, you’re not! This isn’t a real job!”

Me: “Then why does your dad pay me to teach you?”

Student: “Well, he shouldn’t! You should want me to come over for free!”

(I wish that was the only week we had the exact same argument. It eventually changed into thinking that his dad should pay me LESS, but I guess I’m allowed to get paid now?)

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