This Professor Is On The Balls

Learning | June 14, 2013

(I am taking a course in basic computer programming. One of our projects is to create a unique application for Facebook. Everyone is presenting their project to the class using the overhead projector.)

Classmate: “I created an app that shares a random YouTube video. What it does is it generates a random sequence of letters and numbers…”

(He brings up a window showing his code and highlights the random number generation section.)

Classmate: “…and then links to the YouTube video whose URL is identical to the random sequence. Here you can see that it checks to make sure the sequence is valid, and if it isn’t, it generates a new sequence until it finds one that matches up to a real URL.”

(He brings up the Facebook page where the app is located.)

Classmate: “Let’s just try a random search right now so you can see that it really works.”

(He clicks the button to generate a random video. One pops up and begins playing. To everyone’s horror, the video shows naked male genitals being operated on by surgeons.)

Woman’s Voice in Video: “As you can see here, this patient was suffering from an advanced stage of testicular cancer. Surgeons removed a seven-pound tumor from the man’s testicle.”

Classmate: “S***!”

(Rather than closing the window, he panics and jumps in front of the wall and tries to block the projection with his body, but it just ends up being projected onto his chest instead.)

Classmate: “So, uh, that’s what I did for my project! And as you can see, it works perfectly!”

(The professor calmly crosses the room to the PC hooked up to the projector and closes the Facebook window.)

Professor: “Thank you, [classmate]. That was a very balls-to-the-wall demonstration.”

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