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They’ve Moved On Beyond Just Pillow Talk

| Romantic | December 1, 2016

I am one of those people who sleeps with a thousand pillows. I used to just have a head pillow and a giant body pillow, but I’ve converted to multiple individual pillows because the modularity gives me more options for pretending I know how to get comfortable and maybe even sleep sometimes.

While my boyfriend and I live and spend a lot of time together, we’re not always actively engaging. Often we’re just side-by-side on our respective devices, but it’s still nice to be in each other’s company. As part of our familiarity one of us often casually lays a hand or leg on the other.

He just reached his hand over and started to casually massage the under-the-covers mound closest to him through the blanket. After about thirty seconds, he finally said, ‘I’m petting a pillow, aren’t I?’

Yes. Yes, he was.

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