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They’re Their Own Smoking Gun

, , | Learning | June 8, 2017

(Teacher #1 caught a group of boys smoking out the back of her classroom a few days ago. As a result, those boys are on an in-school suspension and doing some work for Teacher #2. We are in Teacher #2’s class when the boys report in.)

Boy #1: “Sir, we’ve finished doing what you asked. What now?”

Teacher #2: “You can take a break for a bit. Come back in fifteen.”

Boy #2: “Yes!”

Boy #3: “Break time!”

Boy #1: “Yeah, let’s go have a smoke!”

(They all start laughing as they walk off when Teacher #2 sticks his head out of the room. We all think he is about to yell at them, but then he says this instead…)

Teacher #2: “Boys! Not near [Teacher #1]’s classroom!”

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