They Have A Grave Request

, | Right | July 4, 2017

(In Swedish schools it’s common for students to intern and try out jobs every now and then. One year I was interning at a graveyard and raking some leaves when a lady in her 30s-40s walks towards me.)

Lady: “Hello, I did some family research and it turns out my great grandfather [Name] rests here. Could you show me his grave?”

Me: “Sorry, miss. I’m just an intern and don’t really know all the grave locations, but my supervisor might.”

(I then point towards the church itself where my supervisor is working at the moment. The lady walks off towards the church and I don’t see her again until a few days later when she comes back up to me.)

Lady: “Here! I got a portrait of [My Name]; can you show me his grave now?”

(Surprised and amused, I try to play it cool with the conversation.)

Me: “I’m sorry, miss, but I still don’t know the grave locations. Didn’t you speak with my supervisor?”

(At this point the lady goes into a rage about my incompetence and how it’s my job to know all the graves. I try to explain to her that there are hundreds of graves and not even my supervisor knows all of them, but luckily my supervisor comes to the rescue.)

Supervisor: “Is there a problem, miss?”

Lady: “Yes! This incompetent little wimp can’t even do his one job right and refuses to help me!”

Supervisor: “Weren’t you here a few days ago, and what does he refuse to do?”

Lady: “Yes, a few days ago you told me you didn’t know the all the graves and see if I could find the grave number. I couldn’t but i found this portrait of [Name]. Isn’t that enough!”

(My supervisor then goes on to explain why it does not work that way and then finally the lady storms off shouting.)


(She then goes on to tip over flower pots on the close enough graves, whilst angrily walking to her car and driving away. I never saw her again.)

Supervisor: *sarcastically* “Maybe we should dig up all the graves and check their faces in case this happens again!”

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