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Theme Park With The Wrong Theme

| Working | March 11, 2017

(Having a young child we have struggled to find a place we can all enjoy that doesn’t cost the earth. We put some money aside and eventually find a place that looks good. Knowing how badly toddlers are catered for I send an email over to their customer care team.)

Me: “I was interested in your [Location] site, and wondered what activities there was available for a family of a three-year-old. We hope to attend on [Day].”

Representative: “Dear [Name spelt wrong], we have lots of activities for all ages. On that site their is a soft-play centre, a young theme park, and shows running all day featuring all children’s favourites.”

Me: “That’s great. I just want to make sure as there is no info on your website. This will all be fine for a three-year-old?”

Representative: “I can confirm that this will be suitable.”

(The day comes around quickly. We drive the long drive there and pay the quite expensive day pass ticket price. First stop is the soft-play area that is overrun with much older children. Next, the theme park with all the rides for five and over, adults not being allowed to accompany. Feeling slightly cheated, we make a move over to the “all day live shows” to find that they were never planned to be shown on that day. We head over to the customer care to explain and ask for a refund.)

Support Desk: “You can still go to the swimming pool.”

Me: “We have a day pass; we can’t spend eight hours in the swimming pool!”

Support Desk: “Er… there’s the park.”

Me: “So your best suggestion is to walk around a field for eight hours? I think I would prefer my money back, please.”

(Eventually, and after two managers, we got it back.)

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