The Cable Guy Ignores The Cable

| Working | December 17, 2013

(I call my ISP to report that tree branches brought down the cable TV/internet line from the pole on the street to my house. They send a tech with a ten-foot folding ladder.)

Me: “Why didn’t they send someone with one of those trucks with the lift arm? I was pretty specific in describing what the problem was.”

Cable Guy: “We assumed that it was probably a problem with your router. Have you tried rebooting it?”

Me: “No. I haven’t. I’m 100 percent certain that the problem has to do with the 40 feet of cable line lying in my front yard that used to be attached to the top of that pole up there.”

Cable Guy: “Well, I can’t fix that. You should have reported this when you called [ISP].”

Me: “I did. What does your paperwork say?”

Cable Guy: *looking at laptop in van* “It says that the cable from the street to the house was detached due to falling branches. But like I said, we thought it was your router…”

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