Creating A Stink About It

| Working | December 18, 2013

(My boss, coworker and I car share. It’s a long drive. There is not enough space and it gets pretty unpleasant. Later in the day I find a quiet moment with my boss.)

Me: “Hey, boss. Can I have a word?”

Boss: “Sure. Let’s go to my office.”

Me: “It’s a bit of a sensitive subject, but it needs to be discussed.”

Boss: “Go on.”

Me: “There has been several comments about [Coworker]’s body odour. I wouldn’t normally mention anything, but it is actually making people feel sick.”

Boss: “Don’t worry. I’ll handle it. The last thing we want is him to be talked about behind his back. He probably doesn’t even realise.”

Me: “Thanks. I don’t think I could have brought it up the right way.”

(After a long day, we all get back into the car. By this point, even with the windows down, the smell is inescapable.)

Boss: “Oh, God! Which one of you stinks?! Somebody needs a wash. Is it you, [Coworker]? Or, how about you, [My Name]?”

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