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That’s A Lotto Lunches

| Working | March 5, 2013

(I’m the weekend manager at a local gym. It’s a very, very slow Sunday afternoon, so myself, the maintenance guy, and the front desk guy are all sitting around at the front desk. The maintenance guy has just sat down and opened his newspaper. I watch as he squints his eyes and then they grow wide. He moves from his relaxed pose and straightens up. He then slides his glasses dramatically down from the top of his head onto his nose.)

Maintenance Worker: “OH. MY. GOD!”

Front Desk Guy: “…What happened?”

(We watch as the maintenance worker silently stands up, folds the newspaper and puts it down, and without a word walks out of the building. We then see his car pulling out of the parking lot. The front desk guy and I sit there, unsure of what had just happened.)

Me: “That was weird.”

Front Desk Guy: “Yes, Very. I wonder if he’s coming back…”

(We go about our business for about 15 minutes before we see the maintenance guy’s car pull back in. Moments later, he walks in holding a huge wad of cash.)

Maintenance Worker: “Guess who’s lotto tickets were winners? $2,500! So, uh, lunch is on me!”

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