Liars Have No Liability

, | Working | March 6, 2013

Employee #1: “[Store], this is [Employee #1]. Can I help you?”

Me: “Yes, I’m looking for [Shirt]. Do you have it in stock?”

Employee #1: “Yes, we sure do have it!”

Me: “Great. I’ll be down there in a little while to come get it. Thanks.”

(Later, I drive to the store and search the men’s shirts section for the shirt I want, but I don’t see it. I look for another associate to ask for help.)

Me: “Excuse me?”

Employee #2: “Yes?”

Me: “Yeah, I called here earlier looking for [Shirt]. [Employee #1] told me you had it, but I don’t see it over there.”

Employee #2: “Oh. He probably lied to you.”

([Employee #2] turns around without another word and starts walking away.)

Me: “Wait a minute! I just drove all the way down here to get that shirt and all you can do is say he lied to me?”

Employee #2: “Hey, it’s not my fault if you believed his lie!”

(She keeps walking away.)

Me: “Motherf***er!”

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