A Penny For Your (Lack Of) Thoughts

| NB, Canada | Working | March 4, 2013

(In Canada we are in the process of phasing out the penny from our currency. This means we round up or down to the nearest $.05. So, $1.99 would be $2, $4.72 would be $4.70, etc. Unfortunately, this is causing a lot of confusion for customers and employees alike.)

Cashier: “Okay, so that will be $7.55, and… oh, oops! I meant $7.50. I keep getting mixed up by those pennies!”

Me: “Wait… $7.55 is okay. No need to round off.”

Cashier: “Yes, it’s because of the penny thing… you haven’t heard? Gotta round everything up or down now. So, $7.50.”

Me: “Uh, yeah. Okay, thanks.”

(I hand her $7.60, hoping that when she inputs the amount into her register she will catch her mistake. I begin to put my lunch on a tray to walk to a table, but as I turn she grabs my arm.)
Cashier: “Here honey, your dime back. I think you misunderstood; it was only $7.50, not $7.60. It’s that penny thing, you know.”

Me: “Okay… well, thank you. I guess I misunderstood.” *I take the dime*

Cashier: “It’s okay, this penny thing is really confusing. You know, they said it wouldn’t affect our ability to balance our tills since we’d lose a cent here and gain one there, but my till is always off by dollars and dollars every shift. It makes no sense to me at all!”

Me: “Clearly. Have a good night.”

Cashier: “You have a good night too, sweetie!”

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