That Old Adage About Old Age

| Romantic | October 2, 2013

(My boyfriend’s birthday is in about a week, so we are trying to make plans.)

Me: “Sweetie, is there anything special you want to do for your birthday?”

Boyfriend: “Oh, I don’t know. Everything seems the same when you turn 38.”

Me: “Um… you’re turning 37.”

Boyfriend: “No, I’m not! I’m turning 38.”

Me: “Sweetie, you’re turning 37. Remember, I’m turning 28 in a couple of months, and you’re only nine years older than me. 28 plus 9 is 37.”

Boyfriend: “Oh! You’re right! I’m only turning 37!” *suddenly looks sad* “Oh…”

Me: “What’s wrong?”

Boyfriend: “I got happy because I’m younger than I thought. But then I got sad because I’m still old enough to forget how old I am.”

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