That Isn’t The Sound Of The Ocean

| Romantic | January 4, 2012

(My mom and dad have their own separate room on the cruise ship. My sister and I are right next door. Unfortunately the walls are very thin.)

Dad: “Are you feeling the mood?”

Mom: *chuckles* “You are so cheesy.”

Dad: “So, should we push the beds together?”

Mom: “You realize the beds are bolted to the floor, right?”

Dad: “God, you’re such a kill joy.”

Mom: “Well then what do you propose?”

Dad: “Shall we just use the floor?”

Me: *in the other room* “We can hear you guys!”

Sister: “You guys are disgusting!”

Dad: “Go to bed!”

Mom: “Oh, yeah. I’m really feeling the mood now.”

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When In Rome, Do As The Japanese Do

| Related | December 13, 2011

(We are on a family vacation to Italy. We eat at the same pizzeria every evening. The cook comes out as we are leaving, and I want to say thank you.)

Me: “Grazi, sir! Your food is amazing!”

Cook: “You’re welcome! See you tomorrow!”

Dad: “Yeah! Gracias! Sayonara!”

Me: *walks quickly away*

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