You Are My Moon And Death Stars

| Romantic | April 1, 2016

(For our first anniversary, I have taken my wife on a surprise trip. I have managed to keep her oblivious to the destination to keep it a surprise thanks to booking a private ship. We finally come out of hyperspace and start our descent towards the planet.)

Me: “Honey, we’re here.”

Wife: *excited* “Where are we?”

Me: “Look out the window; you’re allowed to now.”

(My wife hurries over to the viewing window with perfect timing, as our ship is flying over the royal palace of Alderaan. The sun is setting and the view is extremely romantic.)

Wife: “Oh, [My Name]! We’re on Alderaan!”

Me: “Anything for you, my dear. ”

Wife: “It’s all so beautiful! Look, even the moon is out! It’s so pretty!”

Me: “Moon? Alderaan doesn’t have any moons.”

Wife: “Up there, in the sky! It’s so romantic!”

(I go over to see what she is pointing at.)

Me: “Uh… yeah, honey! That’s a moon ordered up especially for you! Extra romantic and all!”

Wife: “Oh, honey! You thought of everything! Look, the moon is even sending us fireworks!”

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