Stand And Deliver

| Friendly | October 14, 2014

(At this point in time I am a university student and also working in a bar. I support myself financially and am on the very crowded train home. I am always mistaken for being younger than I am, but in Australia, high school students wear uniforms.)

Business Woman: “Humph.”

(I ignore her as I am reading my textbook.)

Business Woman: “HUMPH!”

(I continue to ignore her.)

Business Woman: “You need to stand.”

(I glance up and she glares at me.)

Business Woman: “You need to stand.”

Me: “Sorry?”

Business Woman: “Kids today are so lazy and rude! You need to stand for your elders and show respect!”

Me: “You’re really not much older then me, ma’am, and respect is earned, not given.”

Business Woman: “YOU NEED TO STAND!”

(By now most of the train is looking at us.)


Me: “Look, lady, I am an adult. I’m on my way home from university.”


Me: “No. Secondary and primary students are required to stand for those that need it if returning home or traveling to school. You appear to be quite the healthy young woman and I’m guessing you work in an office by your attire. I am a tertiary student and, unlike you, I am not going home to sit on my a** or going to a bar to drink with my friends. I have been at university lugging this backpack that’s heavier than I am since 6 am this morning and I am about to go straight to my job to stand on my feet for a further six hours and serve ungrateful, entitled people such as yourself. So forgive me if I do not appreciate your tone or words and forgive me if I choose to take the only spare twenty minutes in the day I have to finally sit down.”

(The woman was quite shocked and hurrumphed some more as she pushed her way towards the doors. The other passengers seemed to find it quite amusing.)

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