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Disabling His Assumption

| Friendly | October 13, 2014

(My friend was hit by a drunk driver a few years ago and is now disabled and walks with a cane that folds up when she’s not using it. She gets on a streetcar one day and sits in one of the disabled seats. An old man runs into the streetcar after she has sat down and folded her cane.)

Old Man: “Excuse me, young lady. You there.”

Friend: “Yes? Can I help you?”

Old Man: “That sign over there, what does it say?”

Friend: “It says ‘please reserve these seats for the elderly and disabled.'”

Old Man: “What about that other sign?”

Friend: “It says the same thing.”

Old Man: “Then why are you sitting there? Don’t you see it says it’s for the elderly and disabled?”

Friend: *not wanting to start trouble* “Mmm-hmmm. I see what it says.”

Old Man: “Then why did you not give me the seat? Can you not read?”

(By now, the other passengers are staring open mouthed.)

Friend: “Yessir, I can read.”

Old Man: “Then what the h*** is your problem? I should’ve had that seat.”

(My friend is at her stop by now, and she gets up and unfolds her cane and begins limping off the streetcar. As she’s about to exit, she turns around.)

Friend: “My problem is judgmental old codgers like you. Being disabled is hard enough without getting s*** from ignorant people.”

(She exited to applause from the other passengers and a very embarrassed and angry old man, who hopefully learned a lesson that day.)

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