Something Fishy About That Dream

| Romantic | June 2, 2014

(My husband works about an hour and a half away from home. He leaves for work at 5 am, so I am rarely awake to see him off.)

Husband: *leans down to kiss me goodbye while I am asleep* “Bye-bye, baby. I lo—”

(My eyes shoot open wide. I draw in a sharp breath, grab the collar of his shirt, and pull myself up, yelling.)

Me: “WAIT! Are you going on the fishing trip?!”

Husband: *stunned* “Wha…? N-no!”

Me: *panicking and refusing to let go* “Are you SURE?! Because you… Because if… it… Because—”

Husband: “Yeah… I’m really, really sure…”

Me: “Oh!” *letting go and flopping back down onto my pillow* “Thank god… Oh, thank god…”

(I passed back out while my husband stared in shocked silence, then slowly and quietly left for work. I still don’t know why “the fishing trip” was so scary. The fact that neither of us fishes made it even stranger.)

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