Socked For Misbehavior

| Tolleson, AZ, USA | Learning | February 3, 2017

(I teach seventh-graders in a pretty rough area of town known for gangs, drug deals, and all the other problems associated with them. A student walks in with a bulging sock but walks normally.)

Me: “Hey there, bud. Did you hurt yourself this morning? That ankle looks pretty swollen.”

Student: “Nah, miss! I got a new stash this morning! Look!”

(The student proceeds to take out several contraband items, including a condom, switchblade, drugs, and pipes, displaying them proudly on my desk.)

Me: “Um, you know I have to call the office now, right?”

Student: “Yeah. It’s okay, though, because we’re cool.”

(There is definitely a benefit to establishing good relationships with students but this one took the cake!)

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