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Should Stick To Playing Sarcastiball

| Learning | February 2, 2017

(I’m kind but when I get mad I tend to get very sarcastic. Besides this, I’m known to be very outspoken about my opinion. In P.E. we have two coaches, one who is known to not do much, and to not like kids. Today we are running suicide sprints (where you run back and forth to different distances.)

Coach #1: “All right, [My Name], you are next!”

(I begin running my sprints and on the last one I fall on my arm, in the process making a huge cut on my knee. After it is obvious I’m not getting up, Coach #1 slowly walks over to me, screaming and mocking me as if I can’t hear.)


(Already upset with his mocking tone, I reply sarcastically.)

Me: “No, [Coach #1], I’m sorry. I haven’t gotten up because I was simply sunbathing, and of course not in pain.”

(With this Coach #2 comes over to check on me, while Coach #1 rolls his eyes. Coach #2, who is more sympathetic, suggests Coach #1 take me over to the nurse. It is silent on the way over. Once we are at the nurse, it is recommended that I get an X-Ray. After calling my parents to pick me up, I go back to the bleachers that are outside by the coaches and wait. When my parents arrive, Coach #1 takes me over. On the way over he starts talking.)

Coach #1: “So, [My Name], that was quite the dramatic fall. Came out of nowhere! I wouldn’t peg you for one to act.” *looking at me as if I meant to do it just to go home*

Me: “Oh, yes, of course! I fell on purpose, cutting my knee, and possibly breaking my arm, JUST SO I CAN GO HOME AND BE LAZY! You’ve truly cracked the case! Props to you!”

(Of course being so sarcastic to someone who teaches me has its effects, but I couldn’t stop myself when he claimed I did it on purpose. The next day I come to school with a broken arm and begin getting asked questions about if it was from P.E. The next class I had with Coach #1 he made it a point to scoff at my cast. He still constantly doubts people even when they are obviously hurt.)

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