Trying To Break Up With Make Up

| Working | January 23, 2014

(A friend and I are at the mall with our children. We are headed home, because our kids are both throwing tantrums, when a saleswoman jumps in front of our strollers and tries to hand us an ad.)

Saleswoman: “Every mom loves eye shadow!”

Friend: “No, thanks.”

(My friend tries to push her stroller around the saleswoman but she moves in front of us again.)

Saleswomen: “Are you sure? We are also having a special on foundation and concealer!”

Me: “No. We are fine.”

Saleswoman: “Lipstick? Lip gloss?”

Friend: “Lady, do we look like we are wearing any makeup? We are not interested. Now move, before I run you over with my son!”

Saleswoman: “Well, if you’re not used to wearing makeup you should try our hypoallergenic—”


(I didn’t really report her to security for harassing us but it did make her move. Hopefully next time she’ll think twice about stopping two mothers with screaming toddlers!)

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