School Of Rock

| TX, USA | Learning | February 3, 2017

(I start college at an early age while participating in a dual-credit program. We are each given laptops with basic functionality that are notoriously slow to respond to commands. I often find myself studying in the library between classes while listening to music on an Internet playlist site (with headphones of course). I am due to go to class so I shut the lid of the computer to trigger it to sleep, pop my headphones out of the computer, and walk to class. I also use my laptop as an e-book and I am a rather unassuming introvert.)

Me: *sits down at desk in a partially filled classroom and opens laptop lid triggering it to power on*

Laptop: “I’m on the HIIIIIIGHWAY TO HELL!”

Me: *frantically trying to log in as the computer refuses to acknowledge the key to lower the volume which is on full blast*


(At this point every classmate is staring at me and the back of my neck is bright red.)

Laptop: “No stop signs, speed limit, nobody’s gonna slow me down!”

Me: *shuts off the music when the screen loads*

(There is dead silence for a few moments before I can even muster the courage to look over at my classmates that are all at least three years older than me.)

Classmate #1: “…nice taste in music.”

Classmate #2: “Wow. Great way to get revved up about where this country is going!”

Classmate #3: “Should have just let it play. You know Professor [Name] wouldn’t have minded.”

(The professor pokes his head in.)

Professor: “Did I hear AC/DC coming from in here?”

(Apparently the sound made it down the hall where his office was located. Then he had me play it from the beginning because he wanted to listen to the rest.)

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