Reading NAR Can Get You Free Pizza!

, , | Right | January 13, 2020

(My husband and I are both having a bad day, so I decide to get some pizza. I get to a pizza chain and order two pizzas. I calmly wait and things should be done in ten to fifteen minutes. However, after eight minutes, one of the girls hurries to me.)

Employee: “I am so sorry, but there was a mistake with your order. We need to redo one of the pizzas.”

Me: “Oh, sure. Go ahead.”

Employee: “I’m really sorry.”

Me: *being a long-time lurker at NAR* “I can go and shout, but that won’t speed things up.”

Employee: *visibly relieved* “Ah, thank you. You can pick out a drink from behind you.”

(I go to the cooler and get a drink. I wait about ten minutes longer, and when my name is called, I come to pick up my order. I get five boxes.)

Me: “Eh, is this…?”

Employee: “Well, we had to remake your pizza and would have to toss away the old one, so we thought we’d give it to you anyway. The other pizza was just cancelled so we’d have to throw it out, as well, so we’d thought… why not throw it in, as well? Oh, and a lava cake, because you were so patient.”

(Baffled, I took the pizzas and headed home. The “wrong” pizza was the same as we ordered, just the wrong size. The extra pizza was pretty basic, but the ingredients were also found in the other pizzas, so I guess that’s why they thought it was safe to donate it to me. The lava cake was chocolate heaven. We didn’t finish all the pizza, but we don’t mind reheating things, so we had pizza the next day, as well. Thanks, pizza place!)

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