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Quick! Hit Her With The Sales Pitch!

, , | Right | June 23, 2022

I work for a skincare company. I answer the phone.

Woman: “I found your number in my contacts. Why is it there?”

I take some information from her.

Me: “I have no idea why we’re in your phone, ma’am. I’ve never spoken with you, your phone number has never called our office, and your name is not in our system.”

Woman: “Well… what does your company do?”

I explain the services we offer.

Me: “Is there some skincare concern you’re looking to discuss?”

Woman: “No, not at all. None of that sounds familiar, and I’m not concerned about anything!”

Me: “Then you should probably just delete our number from your phone.”

She got angry that I was not working harder to figure out why SHE put OUR number in HER contacts list.

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