Question… Everything!

, | Learning | October 20, 2015

(At vacation bible school, the kids are asked to write questions they have for God on posters. These are some of the things they wrote in its poorly-written glory. Keep in mind that these are elementary school kids:)

Student #1: “Why did George Lukas sell Star Wars?”

Student #2: “Why can’t the Heat beat the Spurs?”

Student #3: “Are u a brony or like my little pony?”

Student #4: “Who invented timetravel?”

Student #5: “Why is sean an idiot?”

Student #6: “Do creepers really just want a hug?”

Student #7: “How babys are born?”

Student #8: “Why is there abortion?”

Student #9: “Why is my friend mean to me?”

Student #10: “Why did my stepdad hurt me?”

Student #11: “Why can not penguins fly?”

Student #12: “Why did my pet parrot fly away?”

Student #13: “Why do people have to put #?”

Student #14: “I don’t understand why Jesus washed his disciples feet?” *which was the entire lesson for the day*

Student #15: “Why does my dog run away?”

Student #16: “Why do I want to fight so much?”

Student #17: “Why is the theme song in my head?” *the theme song plays continuously throughout the week, driving many people crazy*

Student #18: “Why is Pokemon so 20% cooler then your mom?”

(And my personal favorite:)

Student #19: “Why is there Bill Clinton?”

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