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Failed To Let You Know About Failing

| Learning | October 21, 2015

(My choir director is a perfectionist and a stickler for attendance, especially with his higher-level choirs. I am in one of these. Our school district’s choir competition is coming up in a couple days and he is going through his normal speech regarding absences. Note: at this point my mom is expecting, and is due any day.)

Director: “…and, as you all know, as this is a higher level choir, attendance is mandatory. If this is not enough motivation, District Festival is 50% of your grade this quarter. You miss without an excuse, you fail my class. Now, what counts as an excuse? Not wanting to go does not count. Having too much homework does not count. Being absent from school that day does not count. Getting a note from your parents because you’re feeling sick does not count. If you’re going to miss, I’d better have a doctor’s note on my desk or an ER bill. Got it?”

(The class nods. The next day, my mom is induced into labor. I take one day off of school, and show up on the day of the competition, even though I’m running on about five hours of sleep, and am mad that I can’t be with my new little sister. I’m loading my stuff onto the bus when the director walks up to me.)

Director: “[My Name]! What on earth are you doing here?”

Me: “Uh…getting ready to leave?”

Director: “I didn’t expect to see you! I thought for sure you’d be at home.”

Me: “…Excuse me?”

Director: “Your mom had the baby yesterday, right? You could’ve skipped. I would’ve understood.”

(I’m normally very quiet, but lack of sleep has removed all inhibitions.)

Me: “ARE YOU KIDDING ME?! You gave us that whole lecture two days ago about how we fail this quarter if we miss District Festival!”

Director: “Oh, [My Name]. Obviously that didn’t apply to you. I thought you knew that.”

Me: “GAH!”

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