Pranks For The Heart Attack

| Working | February 20, 2015

(A girl from another department comes to my desk and hands me a slip of paper with an odd-looking phone number on it.)

Coworker: “I don’t know how this man got put through to me, but he wanted to speak to you.”

(After she leaves I dial the number, only to be pranked by one of those recorded abusive joke lines where the ‘person’ on the other end hurls insults and ‘won’t listen’ to anything you say. I figured out what it was soon enough, hung up and had a giggle. My coworker came around to my desk later that day:)

Coworker: “Did you phone that man back? He said it was urgent!”

Me: “No, it’s okay. I think I recognized the number and I think he actually wanted to talk to my boss, so I gave him the number to call instead.”

(She turned pale, and then red, and I couldn’t stop laughing so I ended up confessing to her. Pranking the prankster!)

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